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October 02, 2006


Cheap Computers Canada

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Screen Size 8.9 Inch
Resolution Pixels 1024x600
Backlight Type LED
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Surface Glossy
Data Connection 40-Pin
Application Laptop or Notebook
http://www.nbkit.com/Wholesale/product/New-AUO-B089AW01-V.4-LCD-screen-8.9-inch-LED-1024x600-WSVGA_c19401.htmlLaptop notebook AUO B089AW01 V.4 LCD screen LCD display screen is the most important component. While some notebook computer display problems may be repaired or replaced parts of the display, such as the inverter board or backlight to solve part of the display issues, most of the display problem can only be replaced AUO B089AW01 V.4 LCD screen to solve the problem. For example, a cracked screen, bad pixels on the screen or vertical lines, which can not be repaired, only replaced with New Laptop Screen to correct these problems. Before you start removing the bad laptop display components, to wear anti-static wrist strap and demolition materials reference notebook.

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